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The original 1967 Jungle Emperor "Hit Parade" album on CD!

15 songs written for the Japanese version of Kimba the White Lion.

This CD is released and manufactured by Nippon Columbia. It is the complete 1967 LP digitally remastered for CD. This CD is factory-made, brand new, and factory-sealed.

Jungle Emperor Hit Parade Following the phenomenal success of the Jungle Emperor TV show and movie in Japan, Columbia Records of Japan released a stereo studio recording of 15 of the songs from the show. These are all very faithful to the soundtrack versions of the same songs. The booklet shows the original LP front and back cover art.

Music written by Isao Tomita. This is a Japanese CD; lyrics are in Japanese, as is the book. Click a Play button for a 30-second sample of certain tracks.
  1. Junguru Taitei (Japanese opening theme) 
  2. Scene from the episode "The Wind In The Desert"
  3. Flying Song (from "The Balloon that Blows Up")
  4. Work Song (from "Jungle Fun")
  5. Mama Became a Star (Kimba's Mother's Song) 
  6. Owls' Song
  7. Song of the 4 Panthers
  8. A-I-U-E-O Mambo ('Sing A Human Song')
  9. Riya's Song (Kitty's Song) 
  10. Work Song (from "The Bad Baboon")
  11. Death Gods (from "Destroyers from the Desert")
  12. Kimba's Song to an Egg (from "Scrambled Eggs")
  13. Dick and Bo (Hyenas' Song--Tom and Tab)
  14. Kimba's Song to His Father (from "Insect Invasion")
  15. Leo's Song (Japanese end theme) 
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