The Jungle Emperor "Symphonic Poem" on VHS!

Animated movie created in 1991 to go with Isao Tomita's music.

This is the original Japanese version of the Symphonic Poem video. This VHS tape was manufactured by Nippon Columbia. It features a new (1991) animated feature created specifically to illustrate Isao Tomita's Symphonic Poem, arranged by him from his music for the original (1966) TV show.

Jungle Emperor Symphonic Poem The movie tells the story --entirely with music and animation, no words-- of the first Kimba episode, showing Panja's peaceful jungle, the coming of the hunters, the capture of Eliza and the death of Panja, and Kimba's birth and escape back to Africa. 51 minutes.

There is no spoken Japanese on this tape, although the credits are written in Japanese.

We have ONE used VHS tape in stock. NOT an ex-rental. It is in top condition, tested and plays perfectly on US VHS machines. These are no longer being made, and this program has never been on DVD in this country.

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