Kimba and Dash on a Carry Case

Perfect for a Kindle® or other Tablet!


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This is an original, vintage Japanese Kimba the White Lion carry case/pouch. The front has a three-dimensional (raised) picture of Kimba and Dash the cheetah in a hot air balloon, based on the episode "The Balloon That Blows Up."

This is new old stock. It is a licensed product. It was manufactured sometime around the late 1960s, but never used. The blue vinyl outside is still supple and is not faded. The inside is cloth lined. It still has its original tag and Mushi Productions seal of authenticity. It is quite a beautiful item.

Although obviously never designed as such, the size of this pouch is perfect for a device like an Amazon Kindle® or other tablet.

The handle serves to keep the top closed when it is threaded through the metal loop.

Please note that this does not come with a Kindle® or other tablet. This is a collectible antique that is functional and sized right for todays technology products.


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