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Kimba, Kitty, and Caesar Ceramic Figures -
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Here are ceramic figures of Kimba, Kitty, and Caesar (or is it Leo? --notice the black ear tips). Each figure is 5 inches high and is new in its original box. PLEASE NOTE: Each figure is new and unused, but these have been out of production for a long time, and the cardboard boxes may be a little bit shopworn.

Each figure's head is removable, and inside there is room for desk supplies. There is also an ink pad, although due to the age of these items it may need refreshing to be usable.

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Kimba figure, new in original box:

1 Kimba ceramic figure:

Kitty figure, new in original box:

1 Kitty ceramic figure:
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Caesar/Leo figure, new in original box:

1 Caesar/Leo ceramic figure:


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