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Kimba (Jungle Emperor) Stencils -
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Here are pairs of stencils featuring Kimba and other characters from the original manga by Osamu Tezuka. The Japanese writing says, "Janguru Taitei", or "Jungle Emperor".

Each pair includes outlines for drawing Kimba, Kimba's parents, Pauley Cracker, Jocko the mouse, and more. The round portion is rotatable and is marked in degrees. The ruler is marked in centimeters.

The outline pictures are made with raised outlines, so that you can rub them onto a piece of paper. Here couple of detail photos of these pictures, showing the picture of Mary, and of the village chief:

These stencils appear to be unused. They are not wrapped, so they show some signs of handling. The date of manufacture is uncertain, but the character designs are based on the original manga and/or the original TV show, not the designs of the 1970s and later.

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