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Leo the Lion

The Complete Series

Volume 4

This is a 2-DVD set containing episodes 20 through 26, the fourth and last Volume in a 4-Volume set of all 26 episodes from Osamu Tezuka's 1966 sequel to Kimba The White Lion, known in English as Leo The Lion. (The name change from Kimba to Leo was because the translators of this series wanted to keep the Japanese names for the characters.)

The episodes in Volume 4 are:
#20 - The White Cliff
#21 - Agura the Terrible
#22 - Candle Rock
#23 - The Silver Wolf
#24 - Adventure at Volcano Island
#25 - The Green Plague
#26 - The Eternal Mount Moon

Every episode is presented in English and all have been restored to their full original length, using the best available materials. Picture and sound are crystal clear. This is the first time all these shows have appeared uncut on DVD. In addition, certain technical flaws that have always been part of the English dub track have been corrected -- no one has ever seen this series at this level of quality before!

This is the fourth and last of the DVD sets of the complete Leo the Lion series.

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